The Punk Movement: PuNk fAsHiOn AnD MuSIc

-1975 to 1985-

Punk Fashion in the 1970s
Punk Fashion in the 1970s
  • Punk fashion and music started in 1977 in Britain and mainly thrived between then and 1987
  • Punk revolved around a total rejection of authority or anarchy

!Punk fashion!

  • This style of fashion was highly influenced by designers Vivienne Westwood and Malcom Mclaren who later became known as Malcom Edwards
  • Vivienne Westwood started a clothing store which she eventually renamed 'Worlds End'
  • This store sold only punk clothing such as leather and bondage trousers
  • In the 80s designers began using punk in fashion shows
  • Punk fashion began losing its hard core edge

Paris Punk- 1981
Paris Punk- 1981

Punk clothing consisted of a few different things.

  • tight jeans, tight leather pants, bondage pants, pants with leopard patterns; ripped fishnets were popular among women
  • For shoes punks wore docs, military combat boots, and motorcycle boots
  • Jackets were made out of leather, denim, and usually had metal studs, safety pins, and band patches and slogens that related to punk
  • Accessories consisted of body peircings, metal studs and spikes covered most of everything,

Punk hair was one of the main focal pionts in Punk fashion.

  • Punks either had tons of hair or little to no hair
  • Mo-hawks were most commonly spiked with sugar and water solutions, soaping, gelatine, pva glue, hair sprays and hair gel.
  • Hair was often dyed pink or green-food dye and over bleaching
  • Shaved heads were common among males and females

!Punk Music from 1975 to 1985!

  • Malcom Mclaren launched a punk band called the 'Sex Pistols'
  • Some of the American leaders of punk music were Patti Smith, The Ramones, and Talking Heads
  • Punk music revolved around attitude such as anarchy
  • Punk music started to lose its rough edges around the 1980's
  • It eventually evolved into glittery glam rock


  • Punk subculture mainly kicked off in the eighties
  • It branched off into styles such as goth and emo Music and Fashion

Goth Fashion and Music

  • Goth fashion and Music started at the end of the 1970's
  • This happened when some members of the punk group broke off to form goth
  • Goth revolves around rejecting society
  • Most of everything is dark such as black makeup, clothing, movies, books, and music

  • Gothic music is very dark such as being gory, violent, and depressing

Goth Fashion
Goth Fashion

  • Some more common gothic bands are Siouxie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, and 45 grave
  • A lot of times it is even poetic and lyrical
  • The more upbeat, happy songs come from the "glam" goth bands

Emo Music and Fashion

  • Emo Fashion is showing deep emotions through certain styles of clothing
  • Many people are mislead to think emo means depressed, but emo means showing deep emotions which includes happiness
  • Black clothing is very popular, but bright vibrant colors are also typical as long as the color is bright enough to catch peoples attention
  • Emo clothing is worn very tight. This includes skinny jeans
  • Big, layered, colorful dyed hair is very common
  • Big bows and headbands are common among emo girls
  • Emo fashion is not accepted in certain countries
  • Emo music is considered emocore or emotional hardcore
  • It is a mix between punk music and other music genres
  • an example of some Emo bands are 30 Seconds to Mars, and Between the Trees

Punk Fashion and Music

  • Punk has helped other fashion trends and music genres, but also kept its shape, only losing its hardcore edges
  • Punk fashion very closely relates to emo fashion at present
  • Hairstyles like the ones in emo style are common, and mo-hawks are still quite typical

  • An example of a present punk band is My Chemical Romance, Blink 182, and Rise against
  • Lyrics in present punk songs are less controversial than those from punk songs from 1975 to 1985

  • Punk Fashion and Music are still about being able to to stick out

Overall Punk fashion has stayed alive for many years and will continue to for many more!

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